Flights for Cat Lovers

Flights for Cat Lovers

Are you crazy about your cat? Are you traveling or relocating? Want your cat wherever you go?
We understand you. Cats need special care and attention - even with 9 lives!

So, we've developed a service specifically for cats:

  • We take care of your cat at the vet, at the airport, and on the way
  • Learn how to acclimate your cat to its kennel
  • We inform the flight crew that they will have your cat on board
  • Learn how to handle your cat when airport security officers tell you to open the kennel
  • Get vaccinations, and advice on how to protect your cat from illness at destination

cat in cabin

Is your cat ready? Talk to us about you next cat flight.

"Dogs and cats are often perceived as being one and the same, but cats are not small dogs" says Dr. Eytan Kreiner, Head Veterinarian of Animal Airways. "Cats have different illnesses and veterinary needs and there are different international requirements for cats”.


We have years of experience flying cats - you have a safe and simple flight.