Additional Services

Additional pet travel & relocation services for dog and cat transport. ticketing, kenneling and shuttle services for pets and families

Additional Services

Find out what else our flight managers can do for you:

Pet & Family Shuttle

Drive your pet to and from the airport with a Pet & Family shuttle.

Veterinary Services

Find out about veterinary services in your country and abroad.

Cargo Pet Travel

Professional management and planning is vital to ensure your pet's safety and health on a cargo flight.

Dog & Cat Kenneling

Who will take care of your pet while you're away?

Ticketing for Families & Pets

A travel plan begins with a ticket. Families flying with a cat, dog or other pet must take many factors into account.

Pet Courier

Your pet should fly accompanied. Find out how our representatives can accompany your pet to his destination.

Document Check

Not sure if your pet can fly? Our Document Check service ensures nothing is forgotten.

Cat Flights for Cat Lovers

For cat lovers who fly!
Pet Passport

Travel and relocate to Europe with your pet with the EU Pet Passport.