Did You Know?

Eveything you need to know about pet travel, relocation and flight - approved kennels, regulations, airlines that fly dogs and cats, vaccinations, etc.

Did You Know?

Pet travel by air
  • Pets under the age of 4 months are not allowed to fly internationally
  • Not all kennels are considered as "flight kennels"
  • Not all flight kennels are airline approved kennels
  • Every country has mandatory vaccinations
  • There are countries that are considered as rabies-infested
  • Not all airlines fly pets
  • There are certain dogs that are considered as dangerous breeds
  • Flying a pet to Australia is a 6-month process
  • Not all vets are aware of the various regulations and international health risks
  • Small cats or dogs may be allowed to fly in the passenger cabin
  • Tranquilizing your pet prior to flight is dangerous
  • It is important to measure your pet before buying a flight kennel
  • All exotic pets require special documentation and permits
  • If you get your pet used to his kennel ahead of time, he will be calmer during flight
  • Some airlines only fly pets as cargo
  • Some countries and airlines forbid pet transport by air during certain seasons of the year
  • If there is a long layover between connecting flights you may be able to walk your dog

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pet travel by air