Flight veterinarians expected to grow over decade

dr. kreiner talks about flight veterinary and the growing demant for flight veterinary services

Flight veterinarians expected to grow over decade

Dec 1, 2010


National Report — webpec

By 2020, one expert predicts hundreds of flight veterinarians to be practicing their skills at times in an unconventional setting—above the clouds.

Eytan Kreiner, MRCVS, reportedly the world's first flight veterinarian, who heads up the veterinarian division at Animal Airways, a global pet flight and relocation provider, said in a statement, "The demand for veterinarians that specialize in flight veterinary is increasing and I anticipate that by 2020 flight veterinary will be a crucial part of academic programs in universities as well as in seminars and conferences that are geared for the veterinarian field."

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in demand for flight veterinarian services in the business arena (as part of the online pet market) and in the military and security sectors (which use tracking dogs as part operations).

The flight veterinarian's responsibilities include: pre-flight preparations such as a feasibility check (deciding whether the animal will survive and whether it poses danger to endangered species abroad), vaccinations (in both departure and destination points) and preventive treatments.


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