Dramatic increase in demand for products & services

animal airways: dramatic increas in demand for pet flight and pet relocation services.

Dramatic increase in demand for products & services


OSCOW, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The global leading pet flight management provider Animal Airways shows impressive results for first two quarters of 2010 in comparison to the first two quarters of 2009.

While the number of pet owners traveling and relocating internationally along with their pets is increasing, countries' rules and regulations regarding pets flight and relocation has made shipping pets too difficult for the average passenger to handle. A recent survey shows that more and more people around the world turn to Animal Airways for comprehensive and unique solutions when traveling with their pets or shipping them abroad.

Established to assist the millions of passengers traveling or relocating internationally with pets, Animal Airways offers a unique service that promises to ease the journey for both pets and their owners throughout the year.

Focusing specifically on families with pets relocating or traveling worldwide, Animal Airways has enjoyed an increase in demand for products and services such as:

•Pet courier service: professional pet couriers that accompany pets to and from every destination worldwide, providing pet owners alternative options for shipping pets alone as cargo. This innovative new service has expanded the company's target audience by 22%.

•Veterinarian advisory service: Consultation and flight related guidance for each country worldwide is a field of expertise that has attracted new customers by an estimated increase of 56%.

•Flight booking: collaborating with all airline companies and cargo operators, Animal Airways has expanded its ticketing department by an increase of 39%.

•Cargo service: the pet shipping coordination was a leading stimulus for the company, adding 56% new clients during the last two quarters.

•Forms & regulations: due to strict rules and regulations enforced by countries and airline companies, the demand for assistance with forms & regulations led to an estimated increase of 47%.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian: "Animal airways operates through its company's offices in UK and in Canada and have recently launched new headquarters in Moscow to expand the company's business activities in eastern Europe, where there is a great potential in this field. With future plans to establish new branches in South Africa, China and Australia, we expect a continued growth estimated of approximately 20%-25% in last two quarters of 2010."


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