Dog transportation division

animal airways expands dog flightdivision

Dog transportation division

Animal Airways upgrades its international dog transportation division,

specially geared for:  the military, police, civil guard and private security units

Animal Airways is at your service!

As more and more military and civil guard units around the world utilize tracking dogs to assist in routine training and during high profile missions, the necessity for professional services in international dog shipment has increased accordingly.

Animal Airways, the global pet flight and relocation provider has expanded its military division in order to provide military and civilian security forces with solutions needed for international dog shipping.

The latest improvement was based recent experience received by leading forces with which Animal Airways assisted professionally during missions involving massive dog shipments from army bases in Iraq, Africa, private personal security divisions, diplomatic guard units and local police forces.

Animal Airways offers a new approach to handling international animal transportation to and from every country worldwide, managing all regulatory and logistic challenges including veterinarian aspects relevant to dog transportation.

Animal Airways' professional knowhow, experience, established worldwide affiliates and global approach in pet travel allows company to offer comprehensive solutions for shipping dogs geared especially for the military and security sectors. Animal Airways is the safest, simplest and most profitable solution. Guaranteed!

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian in Animal Airways: "Animal Airways recently managed several complicated operations that involved transferring a large amount of dogs to and from third world countries under extraordinary tough conditions, as well as under extremely tight schedules. Working with the military and private security companies involves unique challenges such as operating under strict confidentiality, handling regulatory procedures in hostile countries etc."

Animal Airways is an international veterinary institute that offers veterinarian solutions to relocate animal worldwide. Animal Airways' divers services include: shuttle services to transport dogs in every country, custom made kennels, international microchips, regulations and document check, custom clearance required at departure and arrival points and many more essential services needed to complete the missions.

Animal Airways' military division is one of the finest, if not the best, comprehensive solution for international dog transportation to and from every base worldwide. Our offices are located in the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Africa and India. Our professional staff is at your service 24/7 conversing in more than 10 languages for your convenience and we are always on standby for the next mission.


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