Attention all passengers, don’t leave your pets Unattended

Attention all passengers, don’t leave your pets Unattended

Animal Airways, the global pet flight & relocation provider, offers a new exclusive service in which a professional pet attendant accompanies your pet when shipped abroad. The pet courier service provides an alternative to pet shipment via cargo (an option which many pet owners wish to avoid)

 There are only several countries that require pet imports only on the condition that they be shipped as cargo (UK, Australia, Singapore etc.) and in addition 10%-15% of pets are shipped abroad as cargo into countries that it is not mandatory. According to Dr. Kreiner, head veterinarian at Animal Airways most families that ship their pets abroad are just not able to fly with their pets and have no other choice but to explore the cargo option.

Dr. Kreiner: "Our clients treat their pets as a part of the family in all respect. Just as they will not consider sending their 10 year old unsupervised on a domestic flight let alone fly him solo  on an international flight, the thought of sending pets by cargo makes many clients postpone or even cancel their plans just to avoid sending their pets by themselves."

Animal Airways initiated a courier service to give pet owners peas of mind knowing that a professional pet attendant would accompany their pet from their home to their final destination where the pet is personally delivered to a family member or a representative on his behalf.

The pet courier service was innovated and developed at Animal Airways' flight management department in the UK after recognizing the customers' urgent need for a humane alternative to the cargo shipment. Since its official launch this year, the service has enjoyed great demand from pet owners all over the world. Animal Airways' pet attendants have literally covered the globe providing personal pet courier to and from airports in every continent.

In additional to the pet courier service we offer pre-flight veterinary consultation and guidance, documents & regulation supervision, custom clearance at departure and arrival points, airline ticket reservation, shuttles to and from the airport, airline approved kennels and every other ground or flight services you might be in the need for.

Animal Airways' devoted team is at your service 24-7 conversing in more than 10 languages for your convenience. We provide our pet courier service with at least three week notice in advance in order to guarantee the most competitive prices on the market.

Dr. Kreiner says that more than two million pet owners are scheduled to fly abroad during the upcoming holiday season and that the pet courier service will definitely be an incentive for them to take their pets along with the family.  


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