Articles: Animal Airways establishes first Flight Veterinarian Division

animal airways offers services for flying with pets and relocating pet worldwide

Articles: Animal Airways establishes first Flight Veterinarian Division

nimal Airways leads new approach to shipping pets abroad with the flight veterinarian division, operating 24/7 worldwide ensuring pets' safety & well-being throughout flights to and from every international airport.

Dr. Kreiner: "Since establishing the division earlier this year, Animal Airways' flight veterinarian division assisted hundreds of clients from almost every country. Based on our professional experience and knowhow, we are able to assist our clients in a way that no other local veterinarian institute can. Local veterinarians are familiar with state's regulations, diseases and infections common only in their region whereas Animal Airways' veterinary staff is able to provide medical solutions needed on a global level (departure and arrival point) and we are professionals within the field of aviation and therefore we can provide the best, safest and most convenient and simplest solutions to pet shipping."

According to Dr. Eyten Kreiner, Animal Airways' head veterinarian: "Flying and relocating with pets involves veterinarian support that includes: pre-flight advise, flight related treatments and preventive treatments, vaccinations, microchip inserts, pet passport etc. in responds to the new rules and regulations required by countries and airlines Animal Airways established a new division focusing on the necessity to provide pet owners professional veterinarian guidance."

Dr. Eytan Kreiner said that "establishing the flight veterinarian division was one of the most important projects Animal Airways was engaged in, during 2010 and we take great pride in the final result: The demand for the flight-veterinarian services is overwhelming!". Kreiner told us that the although Animal Airways was the first to notice the demand for veterinarian services for  international shipments and was the first to respond to that demand, the results are still above all expectations.

The veterinarian support team includes flight veterinarians from all six continents, conversing in more than10 languages, available 24/7 in order to support pet owners flying from every international airport to every international airport 365 days a year.

The international veterinary support begins with a hot number 24/7 for general information. Flight veterinarians will look into the clients' pet history and advise them in regards to vaccinations, examinations, airline approved kennels etc. Also, pet owners will receive all necessary information regarding final destination: veterinarian clinics in new destinations and general tips for maintaining pets' well-being in new environments.

Animal Airways has recruited more than 80 new veterinarians worldwide in course of the last trimester  and is still recruiting more due to the increased demand for veterinary flight services.

Animal Airways is seeking new partnerships and affiliates with practicing veterinarians, veterinarian institutes, airlines, relocation companies, forwarding, ground handlers etc.