Animal Airways ventures across the Canadian border

animal airways plans to open new office in canada.

Animal Airways ventures across the Canadian border

The pet flight & relocation company planes to establish a Canadian branch and seeks potential affiliates

Animal Airways is a global company specializing in pets air shipment to & from every country worldwide. The company offers comprehensive services needed for pets' transportation on a global level such as:

 -        Flight related veterinarian support

-        Documents & regulations advise and consultation

-        Cargo services for pet shipment

-        Airline tickets for people & pets

-        Shuttle appropriate for pet transporting to & from every international airport

-        Airline approved kenneling

Animal Airways' headquarters are based in the UK and the company has offices in Russia, India and Middle East. The operations preformed by Animal Airways' professionals involve a wide network of affiliates in the fields of: aviation, ground handling, moving, relocation, veterinarian services, travel agencies etc.

Based on data received in 2009 more than 4 million pets are shipped by air annually. The global tourism and global relocation trends have significantly increased during the last two years and we expect a dramatic development within the next five years (an estimated increase by 55%).

North America leads in pets imports and exports (by 35%), followed by western Europe (28%), Latin America (10%) eastern Europe (10%), Asia (8%), Australia & New Zealand (4%), Middle East (3%), Africa (2%).

The Canadian citizens have over 40% of the North American market which means that more than 560,000 pets are shipped by air to or from Canada.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian of Animal Airways: "Canada is our strongest sales point among countries in which Animal Airways does not have a local presence. The Canadian population is no doubt an animal loving one. The demand for pet related services and products is constantly increasing and therefore Animal Airways' board of directors stated that a new Canadian branch will be established by the end of 2010 in order to become a leading provider of pet flight solutions in Canada".

Animal Airways is on the lookout for local affiliates, in particular: moving companies, travel agencies, veterinarian clinics, pets' boarding facilities, tourism operators etc.

Animal Airways wishes to collaborate with companies that have strong local presence in Canada, companies that can guarantee our clients receive the best professional services available. We are looking for partners that can provide assistance based on: availability, client orientated with a global approach.


Ayala Bar,

PR & Business Development – Animal Airways

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