Animal Airways Takes on the High Seas

Animal Airways Takes on the High Seas

The global pet relocation operator Animal Airways offers a surprising new service – professional pet shipment by sea – in order to provide optimal solutions to clients that wish to avoid cargo shipment.

Animal Airways was established by veterinarians with a unique conception and vision to change this world, making it pet-safe and pet-friendly so that people can travel comfortably with their pets to and from every international airport.

The new service, pet shipment by sea, was established in order to provide an alternative solution to pet shipment as cargo when importing pets into countries that require pet shipment only as cargo (such as United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore etc.).

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian at Animal Airways says that pet shipping by air is by far the leading trend within the pet shipment field. However Animal Airways' main agenda is to assist pet owners worldwide offering them comprehensive services needed to transfer pets on a global level under all circumstances. Having recognized pet owners concerns and even resentments when it comes to shipping pets as cargo, Animal Airways' board of directors had decided to merge a sea-shipment department within the international pet shipment division.

Dr. Kreiner: "Animal imports and exports is an increasing trend due to an increase in global tourism, relocation, immigration, online pet sales and international horse competitions. As the number of animals that are transported internationally increase, countries and airlines are taking further precautionary measures by enforcing new rules and regulations. Ten years ago a pet owner traveling on international flight with a cat could have taken his cat with him in a small carry-on hand-bag, however today that is simply not an option."

Dr. Kreiner tells us that in order to ship pets at a global level one must be prepared with the documents needed to import and export pets according to the requirements at departure and destination points. The pet must have all the veterinarian certificates indicating that the pet is healthy, that it was vaccinated, has an international microchip pet-passport etc. There is also a matter of choosing the best operators (airlines, ground-handlers and forwarders) one that can offer the safest and most convenient solutions to transport pets. Dr. Kreiner: "More and more people are realizing that in order to ship their pets safely, they are better off using professional services and with that said, they obviously prefer services that are preformed by veterinarians."

Animal Airways offers the public advanced and unique services including: document check and consultation, veterinarian support, ticketing for families and pets, shuttles, ground services, custom clearance and more, with adaptation to seaport standards focusing its resources on countries that are strict when it comes to importing pets into their domain (territory).

Miss Miri G. Ross, pet flight manager at Animal Airways: "The new service enables families with pets to travel together. That is fundamental to our clients and therefore it is extremely important to us to find an appropriate solution. We are very proud and exited to offer our new pet shipping service by sea."


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