Animal Airways Says It’s Really Taking Off

animal airways: impresive growth in demand for pet flight services.

Animal Airways Says It’s Really Taking Off

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June 6, 2010
Air Transport and Cargo



UK-headquartered Animal Airways said it has seen “impressive” growth so far this year compared with 2009. The company helps to coordinate pet travel by air for those who are relocating or otherwise traveling. Specifically, its services include a pet air courier service, complete with professional pet couriers who accompany pets to and from their destination; veterinary advisory service; flight booking for those who want their pets to travel with them on their flight; pet cargo service; and compliance with pet forms and regulations enforced by countries and airlines.

The company operates through offices in the UK and in Canada and has recently launched new headquarters in Moscow to expand its business activities in Eastern Europe. It plans to establish additonal branches in South Africa, China and Australia later this year.