Animal Airways creates new veterinary division

animal airways offers services for flying with pets and relocating pet worldwide

Animal Airways creates new veterinary division

Animal Airways, the global pet flight & relocation provider, leads a new approach to shipping pets overseas: an international flight veterinarian division operating 24/7 worldwide in order to ensure pets safety & well-being throughout the flight process


Flying and relocating with pets on a global level involves veterinarian support for pre-flight advise regarding flight related treatments, vaccinations, microchips, pet passport etc. in respond to the new rules and regulations required by countries and airlines for pet's import and (especially) export, Animal Airways established a new division focusing on pets owners' necessity for professional veterinarian guidance on a global level.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian at Animal Airways: "establishing the flight veterinarian division was one of the most important projects Animal Airways was engaged in this year and we take great pride in the final result: Animal Airways was the first to notice the demand for professional veterinarian services on a global level for shipping pets and we certainly were the first to respond. The veterinarian support team includes flight veterinarians from all continents, speaking more than 10 languages, available at all times for every matter".

Animal Airways' flight veterinarians are capable of assisting clients in a way no other local veterinarian institute can. Local veterinarians are familiar with state's regulations and they are familiar with diseases and infections common in their region only, whereas Animal Airways' veterinary staff is able to provide medical solutions needed globally.

The international veterinary support begins with a hot number 24/7 for general information. Flight veterinarians will look into the clients' pet history and advise them in regards to vaccinations, examinations, airline approved kennels etc. Also, pet owners will receive all necessary information regarding final destination: veterinarian clinics in new destinations and general tips for maintaining pets' well-being in new environments.

Animal Airways will not only support pet owners but will support professional operators within the aviation fields such as: airlines, ground handlers etc. The flight veterinarian service provides companies professional advice on a regular basis (so they can improve working methods and general flying conditions for pets) as well as immediate assistance "on line" or by phone. Companies that choose to collaborate with Animal Airways will enjoy 24/7 service in case of medical emergency and urgent problems and complications in real time.

Animal Airways is seeking new partnerships and affiliates with established veterinarian institutes, leading airlines, relocation companies, ground handlers etc.



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