Animal Airways cultivates new line of expertise

Animal Airways cultivates new line of expertise

Global Pet Flight & Relocation provider Animal Airways stepped up the game in 2010 by penetrating the commercial pet shipping market. The company broadened its target audience significantly within just one yearby providing company services to enterprises such as sled dog race teams, civilian security units that use surveillance dogs, zoos, protected animal reserves, breeder farms etc.
Dr. Etan Kreiner, head of the veterinary flight division at Animal Airways: "In the course of the past year Animal Airways has transformed dramatically as we entered more and more fields of expertise. We have certainly gone a long way from providing services to clients from the private sector to performing complicated operations that involve commercial pet shipping at a global level in accordance to tight regulations required by countries, airlines, cargo operators and international airports."

Several million pets are shipped by air annually for commercial purposes such as pet shows and exhibitions, sport races, on-line pet sales, working dogs (dogs that are specially trained to assist the handicaps, security squads and more).

Animal Airways provides infrastructure needed to ship pets to/from every international airport at all levels by providing forms and documents consultation, veterinarian supervision, flight coordinating, diverse ground services, ground transportation to/from airports, kenneling, overnight boarding facilities abroad and more.

While all those services demand professional knowhow and experience, when it comes to shipping a large number of pets abroad for commercial objectives, the stakes are much higher. Animal Airways' flight managers handling cases that involve commercial pet imports/exports are required to operate under specific rules and standards require by countries (departure and arrival points), airlines' and airports' policies, veterinary guidance and individual insurance restrictions. The "damage control" issue is much more challenging when dealing with massive pet shipping for example locating a pet boarding facility near the airport in case there will be a delay. Also, the process of coordinating and negotiating with custom clearance providers, forwarders and grand handlers worldwide is far more demanding.

According to Kreiner there is a tremendous difference between private and commercial pet shipping: "The risks are much higher, it is by far a whole new ball game which has challenged us to advance and improve our methods but we have no doubt succeeded in achieving our goal within just one year."


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ource: Comercial Pet Shipping