We are pioneers

Animal Airways is a global pet flight and relocation provider. We offer unique & comprehensive products and services needed for pet international shipping. We live in a world in which both global tourism and global relocation trends are constantly increasing, therefore the demand for international pet flight solutions is increasing as well.  

We stand out because


  • We are a veterinarian institute first and foremost with more than 22 years of experience and our main drive is making sure that pets are healthy, safe & happy.

  • We are global in our approach as well as in our presence in all six continents and our offices are spread all over the globe allowing us to assist millions of pet owners worldwide.

  • Our representatives are located in countries in all six continents and are at your service 24/7 speaking more than 10 languages for your convenience.  

  • We are animal's rights activists and 5%-10% of our annual profits are donated to saving animals across the globe.


  • Thanks to our strong connections within the fields of aviation, transportation, tourism and forwarding, we manage to obtain the best prices for products & services needed for shipping pets and that allows us to offer you the most competitive price on the market.  

  • We are pioneers when it comes to pet flight and relocation – this is our main field of expertise and we are good at it!

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