Military & security

International animal transportation specially geared for:

 military, police, civil guard and private security

Animal Airways is at your service!

Animal Airways offers a new approach to handling international animal transportation to and from every country worldwide, managing all regulatory logistic challenges including veterinarian aspects of animal transportation overseas.

Our professional knowhow, experience, established worldwide affiliates and our unique approach to pet travel - allows us to be a leading global company that offers comprehensive solutions for pets & animal shipping geared specially for the military and security sectors.

Animal Airways is the safest, simplest and most profitable solution. Guarantee!

If you need to ship animals internationally, At ease!  We are at your service! 

We managed several complicated operations that involved transferring a large amount of animals to and from third world countries under extraordinary tough conditions as well as under extremely tight schedules.

 Animal Airways is an international veterinary institute. We offer veterinarian solutions for animal relocation to and from every country around the globe, offering you solutions on any continent.

 Our comprehensive services include: vehicle transportation for animal transfer in every country, custom made kennels, international microchips, regulations and document check, custom clearance required at departure and arrival points and  many more ground services needed to complete the operation.


We offer:

  • Pet flight shipment and ground transportation to every base across the globe.
  • International veterinarian support.
  • Pet flight transportation for mass shipping.
  • Competitive prices & discounts for military and civilian security units.

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