Emotional Support Animal

Animal Airways offers a special service for people with special needs. We are here to assist pet owners that suffer physical and / or emotional disabilities and need their pets with them.

We can help you travel with your pet as an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL.

We are prepared to provide you the Emotional Support Animal service in your journey to and from every country worldwide. We are here to assist you when you travel domestically and internationally. Where ever you go – we are right by your side.

Please take notice that there are many airline carriers that do not allow pets on board. Some airlines allow pets in cabin only if the pet weights no more than 8 kilograms (including the flight kennel). If your dog doesn't fit the standards, you will not be able to fly together – but that's what we are here to do.

Having studied the material relevant to Emotional Support Animal, our professional pet shippers will provide you with legal advice and assistance with all the documentations and regulations at every country. We will represent you and negotiate on your behalf with airline carriers, ground handling companies and every other operator involved in the pet shipment process.

If you need your pet for company, all you need to do is call our company and let us help!

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