Business & Diplomats

Pet flight & relocation for the Business sector & Diplomatic corps

Animal Airways stands up to the challenge of assisting Diplomatic corps and their families traveling with their pets worldwide.

Diplomats and businessmen travel constantly with their family members and pets worldwide. Thanks to our professional knowledge and experience as well as to global affiliates who work with us in collaboration, we manage to help families with pets to acclimate in their new homes. We promise them an easy, smart, profitable and most important: a 'pet friendly' solution for international pet relocation.

Let us take care of the bureaucracy, the logistics and the veterinarian issues regarding international pet transportation, so you can relax and focus on enjoying your flight and most importantly focus on settling comfortably in your new home-base.

  • We are global in our approach and present in all six continents which allows us to assist millions of pet owners worldwide.
  • Our representatives are at your service 24/7 speaking more than 10 languages for your convenience
  • We are experts in operating under tight schedules
  • We guarantee international veterinarian support.
  • Our main field of expertise is assisting families with pets to relocate and adjust to their new environment in no time!

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