Veterinarian guidance

Veterinarian services are the most basic and important aspect when it comes to international pet shipment. In order to export and import pet successfully you will need veterinarian procedures and different health certificates for every country.

Animal Airways provides customers with all the information and advice that’s flight related. Before approaching your local veterinarian clinic, make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations for international pet transportation with Animal Airways' international veterinarian division.

Animal Airways' professional flight veterinarians will assist you and support you through the process making sure your pet is in good health conditions and all the terms and standards requested for pet shipment take place.

We can work with your local vet buy instructing him online or by phone making sure he follows all medical issues prior to the flight.

The veterinarian guidance is an exclusive service innovated and developed by our team of flight veterinarians with over 21 years of experience in the field.

Animal Airways' veterinarian service includes:

*Pre-flight guidance to help you prepare your pets for the journey.

*On line 24/7 support for problems & medical emergencies onboard or at the airport.

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*Professional guidance and advice for local veterinarians relevant for pets' import & export: treatments, vaccinations, examinations, health certificates etc. The Animal Airways' veterinarian guidance is geared for both countries of departure & destination point.

*Flight veterinarian team on board (relevant for massive pet shipment and pets with medical issues).

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