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Pet transport by air

Animal Airways is A global pet flight & relocation company we are experts in the field of pet transport by air and can assist you fly with your pet or ship your pet abroad to and from every international airport 

Animal Airways provides pet owners with comprehensive services that ease the journey. Our professional flight managers are located in every country ready wiling and able to assist you.

We are at your service 365 days a year conversing in more than 10 languages for your convenience.

We are experts in the field pet transport by air, making sure your pets are safe and comfortable throughout the flight procedure.

 Our comprehensive services for Pet transport by air

  • Forms and regulations enforced in every country (departure and final destination).
  • Cargo services with the most pet-friendly operators in the field of aviation.
  • Ticketing for people and pets collaborating with all the leading airlines.
  • Families & pets shuttle to and from every international airport worldwide.
  • Overnight pet boarding services.
  • Health certificates and travel documents (pet passport, microchip etc.).
  • Airline approved kennels according to international standards and requests.
  • Pre flight veterinarian consultation and guidance.
  • Pet flight courier: innovated in order to assist people who are unable to fly with their pets - we provide attendants accompanying the pet throughout the flight.

Pet transport by air

We are proud to have given our professional services to many satisfied clients traveling with pets on vacations, relocating overseas, heading for business trips, diplomatic delegations, academic delegations etc. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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Pet transport by air

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