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The most common questions about pet (cat or dog) travel and flight are in the list below. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, send your question to us with the Quick Question form, on the right side of this page. >>


It's best if your pet does not eat during the flight, to avoid incidents that may make your pet dirty and uncomfortable. It is preferable not to feed your pet for up to 4 hours before flight. Pets should, however, drink during the flight. Make sure to fit a water bottle to your pet's kennel!
Based on the destination and the type of pet involved, there are mandatory and optional vaccinations for your pet. Once we know your pet travel plans, our in-house vet will be able to advise on what vaccinations and treatments are required, and which ones you should consider for the health of your cat, dog or other pet.
Based on the destination and origin of your pet and your pet travel plans, there could be anywhere from 2 - 15 different documents needed. This includes government approval, vet approval, health certification, vaccination information and more. To find out what documents you need, contact our pre-flight department.
Before you check your dog or cat in for flight, we advise you on how best to secure your pet's kennel. The ground-handling crew put your dog on the flight and in most cases, the pilot controls the temperature of the pet hold. Other than that, no one checks your pet during flight. If you are still concerned for your pet, ask our flight managers about our additional pet travel services.
First, measure your pet. Call us for instructions on how to do this. Once you've measured your pet you must find a kennel that is the right size. Too small, and your pet may be cramped and hurt. Too big, and your pet could slide around and be injured. The kennel must also be airline-approved. To find out if your kennel is suitable, call us. Part of our basic flight management service includes advising you which kennel to buy and how to acclimate your pet to the kennel, so that he (or she) will be safe and comfortable.{/slide}{slider=Can I take my dog for a walk on a connection flight?}This depends on the regulations of the country and airport. In some cases (like on a long stop-over),you may be able to take your dog for a short walk.{/slide}{slider=Should I sedate or tranquillize my pet before the flight?}No! It is a commonly repeated myth that pets should be tranquilized before a flight. Not only is it dangerous for the pet, lowering his blood pressure and rendering him defenseless, it is also banned in most countries. A sedated cat or dog may be prevented from boarding the flight.
Currently, no airline provides seats for pets. Small pets can go in-cabin. Pets that go in-cabin must remain in their kennel, and the kennel is stowed under the passenger's seat. Consult with your flight manager whether the in-cabin option is suitable for your pet.
That depends on your method of flight: 'Cargo', 'Checked (excess) Baggage' or 'In-cabin'. You can read more about the method of flight in our Pets on the airplane article. In any case, there are strict rules on international flights about pet travel safety, to ensure that wherever your pet is, his area is pressurized and air-conditioned. Not all airlines and not all countries enable pet owners to fly their pet in-cabin or as checked (excess) baggage, and that also depends on the size of the pet. Checked (excess) Baggage is the most common pet transport method, where your pet is transferred to a special area in the cargo hold for fragile luggage and living beings.
We take care of all the travel needs of families with pets. Our basic service includes flight and itinerary planning, regulations, documentation, kennel acclimation and preparation, veterinary guidance and live support. We also provide and coordinate a whole range of services and products to ensure safe and simple travel for you and your pet.
Your dog may not know that he is flying in an airplane or traveling to another country, but he may feel nervous about the sudden changes in his surroundings. To ease his mind (and yours), our flight managers will show you how to prepare your pet for flight.
We work with all airlines. We are constantly updated by the airlines about the regulations, conditions, and costs of pet flight.
Anyone can fly a pet if he has all the information, time and money to do so. The problem is that most people don't. This is where we come in. The experience and knowledge gained by our flight managers over the years have made us experts in flying cats, dogs and other pets around the world. We know how to deal with the hundreds of factors relevant to your pet travel plans, and take care of everything so that your pet will fly safely and comfortably.

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