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Cat shipping

International cat shipping is our main field of expertise at Animal Airways and we are here to help you ship your cat safely to and from every international airport worldwide.Animal Airways is a leading brand in the pet flight & relocation with more than 22 years of experience in international pet transport offering comprehensive products and services that are required for cat shipping.

International cat shipping services include:

  • Cargo services needed for international cat shipping.
  • Airline tickets for people and pets.
  • Ground shuttle to and from every international airport.
  • Documents and regulations check.
  • Pets health certificates and documents for international shipment.
  • Airline approved kennels for cats.
  • Veterinarian flight consultation and guidance.
  • Overnight pet boarding services.
  • Pet flight courier: professional attendants that accompany your cat when you are unable to fly with it.
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International cat shipping:

We assist millions of satisfied clients traveling with cats and relocating worldwide. Our unique services and professional approach sets new standards in the fields of international pet shipment.


 Cat shipping

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