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Animal Airways - Pet travel and relocation press releases

Animal Airways offers an immediate solution for transporting pets into the U.S. In accordance to new rules required by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) following the PRINTER Bomb incident last month


An attempted attack on a plane that was about to take off from UK to Chicago and is now called the "PRINTER BOMB" created panic among decision makers within the US security authorities resulting new verdicts being applied as precautionary measures relevant for shipping animals via cargo to the US. An airline transporting an animal must present an official form to the US security control declaring that they (the airline representatives) know the pet owners and have been in contact with them for at least three month prior to the flight.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, Head of the Veterinarian Flight division at Animal Airways: "The airlines are not taking responsibility and are not able to apply the new regulations immediately, especially now with the upcoming holiday season. We predict that private pet owners as well as commercial animal owners such as dog breeders will have difficulty dealing with this new challenge of shipping animals to the states and/or destinations within Latin and Central America via US airports. Animal Airways, the pet flight & relocation provider, was the first to respond to the new regulations by establishing a new service – P.R.U.S - Pet Registration for the US".

Animal Airways offers a smart, simple and reliable service – free of charge:Pet owners that are planning or even just considering the opportunity to relocate to THE LAND OF ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES can begin the procedure by approaching Animal Airways representatives worldwide by filling out an application form available online After registration in the company's data-base, the pet owner will be able to begin a pet shipping process shortly before the flight.

The new service provides pet owners worldwide with the peace of mind knowing that they can relocate with their pets to or via the US within short notice' (as long as they appear in the database for the past three months) and they can negotiate with any airline that they choose, enabling them to leave booking the flight to the last moment.

Animal Airways is a global pet flight company that provides comprehensive pet flight services including veterinarian support (that's flight related), airline tickets for families and pets, pet cargo services, document check, custom clearance, kenneling solutions etc. The global brand was established by veterinarians with a vision of turning the tourism world into a pet friendly one, allowing pet owners to fly with pets or ship them abroad safely and comfortably and as Dr. Kreiner announced today: "Our new P.R.U.S. service was geared to meet the new needs of pet owners across the globe. Once registering in our data base, a pet owner can apply for the pets documents for entering the U.S. and receive them within 2 business days notice as long as they are listed for the past three months in our database."

Dr. Eytan Kreiner invites pet owners to enjoy this unique service, noting that the administration procedure is simple and user-friendly that takes only 10 minutes and as of now – is free of charge.


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