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Partners & Associations

We have strong relationships with key pet and travel associations, kennelers, and leadingl ground handling companies. Read about our partnership offerings, or contact us.

The Israeli Pet Travel Agency Offers Comprehensive Solutions Needed To Fly With Pets Or Ship Pets Abroad At A Global Level  

Terminal4Pets is the pioneer of pet travel to and from Israel and serves as the Israeli branch of Animal Airways in the region.

Terminal 4 Pets allows us to offer comprehensive solutions for pet flight to our customers in Israel.

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association logo   IPATA MEMBER - "The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association"

An international network of concerned pet shippers, the collective membership of IPATA represents many years of experience in the transportation and care of animals. IPATA's membership has grown from six U.S. pet shippers to over 350 offices in over 80 countries with services to all major airports worldwide.


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