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Pet cargo


Animal Airways' pet cargo services


Animal Airways' professional pet flight managers are located in every country worldwide, ready wiling and able to rise up to the challenge of shipping your pets from every destination to every destination throughout the year.

Our offices are spread all over worldwide based in Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Middle East, India etc. and we operate through main airports worldwide. This enables us to offer unique services and products, based on our knowledge, experience, global connections and global approach.

Our main goal is to fly your pets oversees in the easy, most comfortable and safe way.

We work hand in hand with all airlines, ground handlings, shuttle operators etc. in order to coordinate the best pet shipping solutions according to your plans, your schedule and your budget.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Airway bill: we work hand in hand with leading airlines and can select the best pet cargo solution.
  • Vehicle transportation to and from every international airport.
  • Overnight boarding services.
  • Health certificates and travel documents (international including pet passport, microchip etc.)
  • Forms and regulations enforced in every country (departure and final destination).
  • Airline approved kennels according to international standards and airline requests.

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pet cargo
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